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Yoga Through the Seasons

We are creatures of this earth, so it makes sense that a change of season would have just as much of an affect on us as any other animal on this planet.

If you have been to my class you know I base a lot of how I structure each class on what time of year it is. One type of yoga practice that supports us during one season may not be the type of yoga that supports us during another. This is also true for us as individuals. One type of yoga may be what we are drawn to, but another could be our medicine.

In this series, we will explore what that means for each of us. You will walk away with a greater understanding of what type of yoga practice is best for you as an individual and during each time of year. Classes may be taken individually, but I highly recommend taking it as a series.

This is how it will be structured:

~There will be 3 classes (A) that introduce the seasonal transitions. In those classes I will discuss how the seasons affect us and what yoga practice best supports the imbalances caused by the shift in seasons. I will be joined by local nutritional health counselor, Ryann Miller, who will talk about what foods best serve you during each season. She will share recipes and answer questions, so that you may enter the season empowered with the knowledge of how food can best support your seasonal transition. There will be little to no movement in class A.

~Each of the three main classes will be followed by two movement classes (B) where we will uncover how we approach anatomy and alignment principles of poses and how to approach them energetically to support your health during that season.


When/What: All classes are 1-3 p.m.

Season 1:  Winter/Early Spring Focus
February 3, 2018 A water/earth imbalance & diet
March 3, 2018 B Fundamentals of Flow
April 7, 2018 B Fundamentals of Backbends
Season 2:  Late Spring/Summer
May 12, 2018 A  fire imbalance & diet
June 23, 2018 B Fundamentals of Twisting
July 14, 2018 B Restorative & Yoga Nidra
Season 3:  Fall/Early Winter
September 22, 2018 A air/ether imbalance & diet
October 27, 2018 Loose Hips, Strong Hips, Everything Hips!
November 17, 2018 B Core & Balancing

Where: Delta Mind Body Center*, 2014 10th Street, Sacramento, CA 

Cost: $270 for the whole series ($30 ea) or $40 a class if taken individually.
If you are interested in taking the series, but it is easier for you to pay per-class as opposed to lump sum, I am happy to make arrangements around that. Just drop me an e-mail and we will figure it out.

How: Pre-registration is required. E-mail to register.

This class will be a great way to keep reconnecting with health as your focus throughout the year. I hope that you are able to join me!



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