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em·bod·y (verb): 1. Be an expression of or give a tangible or visible form to (an idea, quality, or feeling). 2. Provide (a spirit) with a physical form

I teach public classes & workshops in Sacramento, CA.
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Private Sessions

6:00 a.m., Men’s Yoga for Golfers–Delta Mind Body Center
9:00 a.m., Hatha–Ritual Yoga

Private Sessions

10:30 a.m., Hatha Flow–CalFam Fitness, POCKET
12 p.m., Gentle Hatha–CalFam Fitness, POCKET

Private Sessions

12:10 p.m., Hatha Flow– CalFam Fitness, MIDTOWN
6:00 p.m., Gentle Hatha & Restorative–Ritual Yoga

9:00 a.m., Hatha–Ritual


The First Sunday of the Month
5:30-7:30 p.m., Inviting the Moon: Restore & MassageDelta Mind Body

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Rates may be found on the studio page.

Find a list of recommended props for home and studio use here.


Check out my blog post: Why Work with a Teacher Privately?

Private 1:1 yoga sessions are appropriate for people at all stages in their yoga practice–from beginner to advanced. Sessions are customized to address specifics needs and goals. There are many reasons why you would benefit from a private yoga session, such as:

  • You are a beginner and wish to learn the basics of yoga poses and philosophy before entering a public group class.
  • You have been practicing a while and would like to check in with a teacher to see where your practice is at and get some insight on how to take your practice to a new level. 
  • Perhaps you are recovering from injury or have specific physical limitations and would like to learn how to work with and modify poses resulting in a more effective yoga practice.
  • You have been practicing yoga for a while and would like to know more about specific alignment principles and how those principles translate to your individual body.
  • You would like some guidance on how to develop and maintain a home practice.
  • You often feel anxious and spend a lot of time living in your head. You have been curious about meditation, but can never get your mind quiet enough to do it.
  • Perhaps you carry around the weight of a negative self-image and are looking for a new perspective.
  • You are interested in starting or deepening a spiritual practice and would like to explore what that is for you (e.g. structure and individual philosophy).
  • Your schedule is such that classes aren’t offered at the times you are available, but you would still like to learn and be lead by a teacher.

Private group sessions are a fun and engaging way to spend time with your friends. You pick the group, day, time and frequency and we will meet and practice. I love group sessions because it is so fun to witness the bond that happens between friends who practice together and it’s a great opportunity to really grow your practice together.

If you would like to chat with me to explore ways we might work together, please feel free to  e-mail me.


1:1 sessions: $100 per session, 15% discount when purchased as a 6-pack.

Private Group sessions: $150 per session


“When I started my Yoga practice in 2001, it did not have the public’s attention like it does today. I came to it with a limited understanding of what it was. At the time, I had no physical exercise or spiritual practice. I was at a place in my life where I wanted something different, but didn’t know what or how to figure it out. I was teetering on the threshold of apathy.

A friend recommended I try Yoga.

During my first class I felt very uncomfortable and out of place. Everyone else in the room seemed to move so easily through the poses-while I struggled-not only to move but to understand what the teacher was asking us to do. Regardless, I liked the idea of having a physical activity that was more than just a workout. I liked how the teacher encouraged us to be Handstand at the Beach Nov. 14, 2013patient with ourselves and guided us to be curious about the sensations in our body as opposed to pushing it or being upset with it for what it wasn’t.

This really spoke to me as I was someone who carried around the burden of a negative self-image. My Yoga practice gave me the space to question and explore the old and unhelpful patterns in which I was living.

As my body opened, my mind followed.

As my muscles started to transform and change, so did my perspective of myself and the world around me.

For me, teaching was a natural next step on my path of self-discovery. While supporting others in their path, I learn more about my own. The student/teacher relationship becomes cyclical and for that I am truly grateful for every person that steps into my classroom.”

~Catherine la O’


I invite students to access a deeper level of presence with and awareness of themselves. My approach is skillful, methodical and nurturing. My classes focus on physical alignment to support sustainability of the body, and meditation to deepen the body, mind, spirit connection. 

As well as being a registered E-RYT-500 with the Yoga Alliance, I hold a certification in Yoga Therapeutics with Physical Therapist and Yoga teacher Harvey Deutch. I trained as a Level 2 Relax and Renew Restorative Yoga teacher with Judith Hansen-Lasater. I studied Yoga & Ayurveda Philosophy with Chrisandra Fox-Walker and Yoga Alignment with Sean Haleen. I spent many years in the studio practicing with Jason Crandell and Charu Rachlis. I am a dedicated student of Buddhist Mindfulness Meditation with SF Urban Dharma (Dharma Punx) and attends frequent workshops at Spirit Rock Mindfulness Meditation Center in Marin. My classes are designed to incorporate aspects of understanding and expression from each of these studies, which result in a combination of mindful movement, meditation and restoration.

Reverse_Warrior_BM_2013If you would like to deepen your current practice or start one from scratch, please contact me to set up a private session or attend one of my public classes listed above.


What a wonderful experience this has been in finding my body again. I reflected this week on where we started and where we are at now. WOW! What a difference it is to be comfortable with my body and around others. You made it so easy to be at ease with first getting into the awareness and then into the body. Mountain pose still is my most favorite tool to use when it becomes difficult and I need to find a center within my body. The hip work we have done is another amazing experience as remembering how the Queen’s Pose took me into utter fear and vulnerability. Look at where we ended this last week. OH MY GOD. I was not able to be comfortable in my body and now am able to be in my body is a HUGE accomplishment and is a testimony to the knowledge, ability to work with those who are in need mentally, spiritually and physically, and your professional intuitive openness that you bring to your students. THANK YOU for finding that place in you to help me find that place in me and creating a true connection.” (regarding one-on-one private sessions)

~ E. Sacramento, CA 

“Catherine is a serene and balanced teacher. Her classes leave you feeling calm, centered, and strong. I entered a class recently feeling scattered, and left with a sense of peace. Catherine is wonderful!” 

~ L, Berkeley, CA 

“Catherine has given me private instruction in yoga on and off for the last few years, and I can honestly say that I probably would’ve given up on it if it hadn’t been for her! She has always been patient and attentive, assessing my specific needs and helping me with my yoga practice at a pace I’m comfortable with, but which is also challenging. Her love of yoga and her genuine desire to help others improve is something that always comes though and which I continue to appreciate.” 

~ E, San Francisco, CA

“Catherine is a very good listener and she’s able to use her intuition to understand what the body needs on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. She has a very gentle and precise approach when she is teaching which makes her class a comfortable and healing experience.”

~H, Amsterdam, NL

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