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Inviting the Moon Sundays: Restorative & Massage

Yoga teacher, Catherine la O’  (that’s me!), will lead this special restorative class by using props to help you get set up in comfy reclined postures on the floor. Massage therapists, Jessi Brooks, Elise Weitsen and/or Sean O’Shea offer hands-on-healing massage throughout the class. To send you to the next level of meditative rest your ears will be seduced by the soothing harmony of live singing from Jeanne Munoz.

This class is not just luxurious, it is a necessary reset for your nervous system. (To read more on that, check out my blog, Calm Your Nerves.)

–Restorative yoga.
–Hands-on healing massage.
–Live sound healing.

To find out more about the motivation behind this class and the healing power of touch, check out my blog, The Language of Compassion.


When: *The first Sunday of every month, 5:30-7:30 p.m.
Where: Delta Mind Body Center,
                  2014 10th Street (x T St.), Sacramento, CA
How: $60, Classes can sell out, so pre-registration is required.
E-mail to register.
Please include the name of each student and the specific date of the class you would like to attend. You will receive an invoice for payment online. Once payment is received your spot in the class will be confirmed.  

What to wear/bring:
All props will be provided. Wear comfortable, loose clothing (pj’s are perfectly acceptable!): the more access the therapists have to your head, neck, shoulders, back and lower legs, the more enjoyable it will be for you. We recommend removing all hair ties, jewelry (wrist, neck and ears) and glasses.

Doors open at 5:15 p.m.. Doors close at 5:35 p.m. sharp, so please come on time.

2020 dates:
This class is held the first Sunday of every month; however, due to holidays alternate dates may be offered:

January 5

All body types are welcome. Physical limitations can be accomodated. Please contact me ahead of time and we can discuss modifications:


“The Event… just wow.  Kudos to Catherine, Sean, and Jeanne.  It’s presently clear they go to great efforts to create a comfortable and professional environment to really reach that next level of relaxation for the members of the group.  I felt so great at work the next day.  Initially, I couldn’t put my finger on the why and I realized it was the reset from the restoration the night before.  I will be going back again!”

~ KA, Sacramento

“What a treat and a blessing in my life. This was my first class of the year. I wish this email to convey my feeling of contentment. Thank you and your people. I could not tell you who did what. [Jeanne] serenaded us!? You and some other Yoga/Massage Angel, laid hands upon us. Wow.”

~ JK, Sacramento, CA

“Thanks Catherine!  I really enjoyed the class and hope to join others in the future. Sean was awesome!  It felt like he knew exactly what I needed to increase my level of relaxation during the class.”

~ EH, Sacramento, CA

“It was a wonderful meditative evening of simple, restive poses, relaxation (ahh the massage) and a sound bath of background singing. I was happily surprised by how much massage I received and by how much Jeanne’s beautiful voice graced the practice. Truly lovely!”

~K, Sacramento, CA

“It was fabulous! the feelings really settled into my heart and body afterwards. Thank you for providing the time, space and the beautiful collection of assistants for the experience to occur.” ~J, Sacramento, CA

“Another amazing evening with 4 incredible women. The combination of Catherine, Jessi, Jeanne, & Lauren allows a safe and transformative experience where one doesn’t realize the actual stress one holds- until you relax into the guided restorative poses, healing hands, and enchanting singing. Of course, I’ll be back!”

~JH, Sacramento, CA

“I hope to be able to participate again and continue exploring the benefits of restorative yoga in this way.” ~L, Sacramento, CA

“I am so so thankful to you for this Inviting the Moon class. It was so very special. It feels amazing to be cared for so deeply in so many ways. All the love and warmth and touch and the beautiful  sounds! Her singing! I don’t have words, really. Thank you.”

~ S, Sacramento, CA

“What a great experience!”

~G, Sacramento, CA

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