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Shadow Programs

When I discovered the concept of “the shadow” back in college, it blew my mind wide open. It answered so many questions about who I am, what makes me tick, and what gets in my way. It has meant everything in my quest for true self-knowledge. It has given me access to a level of compassion and empathy that I would have never been able to know without it.

Sometimes when I bring it up in conversation people have this “deer-in-headlights” look on their face as if I am about to ask them to reveal the darkest parts of their being; but that is not how I see the shadow. I love and respect my shadow. It is where all of my power resides. Yes, it is often referred to as “the dark-side”, which gets misinterpreted as “bad” or “evil”. More accurately it relates to what has yet to be illuminated: our blind-spots. By understanding my Shadow I can see into my blind-spots with superhero-vision. 

I want you to have this superhero power, too. I want to live in a world where we all do. In that world, everyone is living their Truth. People are honest, present, intimate, compassionate, open, and at peace with themselves.

I offer a four week in-depth program titled Uncovering Your Stories: An Exploration of Inner Shadow to introduce you to the concept of the Shadow and share a tool that you can use to continue your inner work long after the program is complete. After that I offer a one-day workshop for people who have completed the program and would like to continue the conversation in a group setting with a people who share a common language. This workshop is called, Embody the Shadow. Both the program and the workshop are offered 5 times a year.

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