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Life coaching is an opportunity to take a step back from your life and gather your thoughts, so you can be clearer about what it is you are wanting from it.

With a life coach, you have a partner committed to helping you see things from a fresh perspective. Through a specific line of inquiry your coach can help you redirect your understanding of yourself and what you want from your life. The goal is to break the patterns that hold you back and bring you to a new level of awareness and action.

Our coaches work with individuals as personal growth facilitators by:

  1. Listening deeply to what you have to say, so we may better understand your view of the world.
  2. Helping you identify patterns that may no longer be working in your favor.
  3. Offering new perspectives on specific areas of focus.
  4. Collaborating with you to design a program that will give you the tools to address the old patterns (self-identify) and build new, more effective ones (self-correct), empowering you to coach your own process with future obstacles.
A coach can help you:
  • Feel inspired about life and the things you can achieve.
  • Deepen your relationships with others both personally and professionally.
  • Find freedom in discovering and expressing who you are and what you want.
Outcomes of working with a life coach will be:
  • Clarity of thought and perspective around who you are and what you want.
  • Release from confining ideas and pressures.
  • Empowerment to do what needs to get done and say what needs to be said.

Simply put, a coach can help build a stronger foundation to deal with all life throws your way, and to proactively make the changes you want.

Liminal Space believes the key to manifesting the life you want is by taking ownership of who you are and how you live it. We have found the most effective tool in doing that is through integration with your Inner Shadow. Liminal Space uses the Inner Shadow for understanding in all areas of our work.

One-on-one sessions: $100 per session

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