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Storytellers — The Alumni Sessions

Storytellers, The Alumni Sessions offer students who have already completed my intro to the shadow program, Uncover Your Stories,  an opportunity to continue inner Shadow exploration with a group of people who are already familiar with the language and process. Each session offers a different application and approach to life and teaches how to apply the framework of the Shadow to it. Session announcements are made through the Uncover Your Stories Alumni mail-list. If you previous took an intro to the Shadow workshop with me (e.g. Becoming Whole, Spirit of the Shadow or Uncover Your Stories) and have not received these announcements, please feel free to email me and let me know and I will add you to the list. Thank you!


Shadow Talks is an opportunity to expand your understanding of the Shadow by using current events to critically look at our personal and collective Shadows, so we can use it as a tool to promote inner growth. When I say “current events” I don’t necessarily mean news, but current events in YOUR life. I co-facilitate this session with Tara Cryderman. Tara attended the Shadow workshop last October and is a skilled facilitator and Dr. of Psychology who will help lead the conversation further.

Shadow Talks Testimonial

I have thought often about our discussion in the last [Shadow Talks] workshop. It was a much needed reminder for me of the Shadow concept. Admittedly, I had strayed from the work even though it makes so much sense to me. I am currently enrolled in Michelle’s Depth is the Remedy and have done some writing in response to Michelle’s prompts. After your workshop, I returned to my journal entries and rethought my ideas in light of the Shadow.  I found some Shadows there.  Surprise, surprise!  Thanks again for opening my mind and heart.

I want to add that I really appreciated the way you handled the Zoom meeting.  I didn’t feel the tension that I normally feel during Zoom meetings. I could readily listen to others and, when I spoke, I felt heard.  Nicely done.”

~ Jan, Sacramento

What a great conversation today and with amazing women. I love being in the zone with all of you.

~Tara, Sacramento


Embodying Your Shadow explores different perspectives of particular Shadow and Persona traits. Through group discussion we learn how we share certain traits, yet view them so differently. By doing that we expand our limited view of the traits. This is an opportunity to bring particular traits you are working on into the group perspective, so you can gain a broader understanding of how your view of that trait may be getting in your way, and learn new ways to see the trait and it’s Shadow Gold.



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