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Corporate Offerings

I work with small businesses, or heads of departments in larger organizations who want to teach de-stressing techniques to their teams.

There are a variety of ways I work with local organizations to support their employees have healthier, happier lives:

  • Therapeutic Yoga for Anxiety
  • Restorative Yoga & Massage
  • Yoga with Individual Employees
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills

More information on each can be found in the FAQ section below.


1. Why is it important for office-workers to learn about anxiety and the nervous system?

More and more companies are recognizing anxiety in their employees. They see the impact it has on their employee’s productivity, inter-office relationships and overall health & happiness. Companies understand when certain areas of an employee’s life is negatively impacted, it affects all areas of their lives.

A study done by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America shows that 72% of people who have daily stress and anxiety say it moderately interferes with their lives.

When anxiety is present people feel it affecting other areas:

  • workplace performance (56 percent)
  • relationship with coworkers and peers (51 percent)
  • quality of work (50 percent)
  • relationships with superiors (43 percent)

Having a general understanding of the nervous system and the ways in which yoga impacts it is helpful, especially for beginners who don’t have an established yoga practice, so they feel more committed to the practice and what it can do for them.

Anxiety and stress are something everyone has experienced. Acknowledging that it is something most of us are dealing with and offering solutions to address it helps employees to feel seen and heard.

2. How are you different from other yoga instructors?

I TEACH self-care practices and techniques that will EMPOWER them to take your employee’s health and wellbeing into their own hands in a way that will enhance their overall life experience.

I have 20 years of practical yoga experience and 10 years of specialized training in yoga, coaching and interpersonal dynamics.

3. What “take-away” tools will employees gain by working with you?

The techniques I offer are designed to integrate into employees normal daily activities. They will learn movement and breathing techniques that are fun and easy. Never will they feel like it is adding more to their “to-do” list. The techniques I teach are especially fun and effective when the whole office and management team are involved. There is a high sustainability rate of employees who maintain their practices after working with me.

4. What are the benefits of bringing yoga into the workplace?

The benefit is improved overall health and well-being. It strengthens the calming branch of the nervous system, so it activates properly when needed.

The techniques I offer promote a common language and practice among co-workers. It gives employers and employees tangible techniques, so they can be present and focused without the discomfort or interruption of anxiety which, if goes unaddressed over an extended period of time, can cause a variety of different physical & emotional issues.

5. Some office-workers might be initially skeptical. What tends to be their pushback, and how do you win them over?

Yes, I have certainly received some doubtful looks or seen uncomfortable shifts in the chair when I am first introduced to a new group, but it doesn’t take long to win them over. I believe the skepticism is based on misinformed notions of how people think of yoga. Once they realize I am not asking them to contort their body into some funky, unattainable pose right in front of their co-worker, they open up to what I am offering. The practice I teach is accessible to everyone, no matter what the body type or physical limitation and, more importantly, the practice speaks for itself: people feel better afterwards!

6. How would you work with individuals in the office?

Repetitive stress injury is common in the workplace:

  • low back and hip pain from sitting for extended periods of time
  • carpal tunnel from typing
  • shoulder and neck pain from being hunched over the computer for hours a day

These are just some examples of the physical issues office-workers experience.

I will work with employees who are experiencing physical symptoms caused by office work, so they are out of pain and feel better in their body. I will guide them into new habits which will prevent them from creating further physical issues.

7. Tell me more about the “Restorative Yoga and Massage” class.

Anxiety can be crippling. When anxiety takes over, the hardest thing to do is to sit and be quiet. YET, the more we do it, the less anxious we feel. That is why I am constantly coming up with different ways to support people in learning how to calm down.

I host a restorative and massage class, where I use props to put people in comfy reclined poses on the floor, while massage therapists offer hands-on-healing massage. People find it extremely relaxing and say it helps with insomnia (another symptom of anxiety). You can read more about it here.

  • Employers may treat their entire team to a private session, quarterly or around the holidays, as a special treat.
  • Employers offer vouchers to their employees, as spiffs or prizes, so they can attend the public version of this class at their leisure.

8. Tell me more about the Interpersonal Communication sessions you offer.

Interpersonal relationships can be a big cause of stress in the workplace. With 1/3 of American lives spent in the workplace, it can feel like more time is spent with co-workers than chosen loved ones. Everyone has different styles of communication, value systems and belief perspectives. Without a common language there is plenty of room for misinterpretation. Inner and outer projections happen and cause further friction.

I help teams find a common language and learn to see their role in the exchange more clearly.

  • I work with set groups or individuals.
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