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Feeling overwhelmed by the news? Me too.

The era of information technology has brought us a lot of wonderful luxuries. One of them being easy access to information; anything we want to know is available to us with the touch of a button. However, as with most things, too much of one thing can have its ill effects too. The news is rarely good. It feels like everyone is losing their minds—and perhaps they might be. The delivery of information is coated in drama and sensationalized fear-mongering. It is a challenge to find the balance between staying informed and feeling completely overwrought by the information being served.

The other day, after getting lost in a rabbit hole of current news events on-line and the debate of it on social media, I felt frustrated. With each passing article/conversation I read, I could feel my body compressing further to the weight of my emotions around all of the topics.

I recalled a radio interview I heard in late 2012 when the date signifying the end Mayan Calendar was nearing. The man being interviewed was a professor and discussing the myths and truths about the end of the calendar and what that meant for us. At the time there was a lot of hype that the end of the calendar meant the onset of an apocalypse of the world. The professor posited that perhaps it wasn’t the kind of apocalypse we are familiar with from movies, but a reckoning of consciousness. Read more

Gossip vs. Intentional Conversation

The other day I was having a conversation with a girlfriend of mine about the difference between gossip and having an intentional conversation with a trusted friend while seeking feedback about an issue with a third party.  This is what we discovered.

Gossip lacks integrity. If we look close enough we can uncover a deeper desire lying below the surface of gossip. When we look back at the times we engaged in gossip we discovered two aspects that seemed to surface the most: Read more

A Yoga for the People.

I love to see how Yoga has become such a big part of the greater community in our culture. People from all walks of life can be found in the studio today. I see Yoga mats strapped around the backs of people on every block. It’s not just here in San Francisco anymore; studios can be found in almost every town in America. It is referenced on TV, in ads, books, and magazines. It’s everywhere. What a dream!

But there is a shadow side to the community which I have noticed growing larger as Yoga reaches it’s tipping point. There is an infiltration of the media’s unrealistic images of Yoga that are seeping into the sight and minds of those of us who may not be paying close attention. These beautiful images plastered all over the studios, social media and the merchandise of extremely limber beings in poses that are almost impossible for the majority of us to achieve. Read more

Managing Fears When doing Passion Work

Recently, I have had conversations with people who have been dealing with a lot of discomfort around embarking on new career endeavors. On the one hand they are excited and inspired, while on the other hand they feel really vulnerable and often question the viability of their efforts. Trust me, I understand the emotional roller coaster it can be to put yourself out there.

Taking a leap of faith into a whole new career, launching a new business on our own or doing something that brings us out of our comfort zone can leave us feeling uneasy.

Learning a new skill from scratch can make anyone feel unsure, especially when we enter a field surrounded by others who have been doing it a while.

Read more

A Radical Clinging to the Present Moment

Do you know those moments when life feels like it’s imploding on you?

Everything feels so overwhelming. The bills seem like they are piling up, communication feels like it’s not working, your heart can’t seem to stop breaking, things aren’t going the way you want, and the unknown future feels like it’s closing in on you.

What do you do in those moments? Read more

Subtle Evolutions

The writing prompt, “I used to, Now I”, was originally posed by Danielle LaPorte in one of her recent posts.  I found it to be a great tool in allowing me to see my personal progress and a tangible reminder to support me going forward. Below are a few subtle, yet profound, personal evolutions that I discovered from using it. I would love to hear some of yours, so please feel free to share yours with me. We can all learn from them.

I used to cling to love,
Now I know it’s not trying to escape me.

I used to blame others,
Now I accept that which is in me. Read more

Release Anger in 6 Steps

I want to talk about anger. I specifically want to talk to the ladies about anger. Men, you are more than welcome to join in, as I know anger is just as relevant a topic for you, but I am going to aim this at the females in the house, because women have a different kind of relationship with anger.

It can be more subtle and hard to detect from the outside. We have been taught to hide it well. Sometimes I can see it on our faces. There is a specific hardening around the eyes and mouth that happens from holding it in for too long. Even when masked with a smile, it usually isn’t hidden too far underneath.

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