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Yoga Through the Seasons

How yoga supports equilibrium through seasonal changes

If you have been to my class, you have heard me talk about the effects the five elements (air/ether, fire, water & earth) have on our life-force (‘agni’). When the elements are in balance, our health is optimal; if out of balance, our health is affected. Believe it or not, seasonal transitions strongly affect our internal elements: one type of yoga practice may have supported you well during one season, but may not be what supports you best in the next.

When considering Yoga through the lens of the elements, there are three primary seasons throughout the year:

  1. WinterEarly Spring: our water/earth (Kapha) element tends to weigh us down.
  2. Late Spring – Summer: our fire (Pitta) element can burn us up.
  3. Fall – Early Winter: our air/ether (Vata) element can have us feeling ungrounded.

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About Not Losing Your S#*t.

Holy moly! It’s crazy out there! I don’t know about you, but I am constantly struggling with the desire to keep informed of what’s going on in the world and the need—for the sake of my health and wellbeing—to be away from it.

On one hand, I feel that if I am going to be an active participant in this society, I need to stay informed. On the other hand, the weight I feel from so many mixed emotions about all that is going on can be overwhelming on the spirit and draining on the body.

It’s times like this that my yoga practice is put to the test.

Seventeen years ago when I chose yoga in my life, I made an unspoken, conscious commitment to continue to strive to be awake. Now, that doesn’t mean I am always awake, sometimes I slip backwards and fall into that mindless abyss. Sometimes, that seems easier, safer. Then the yogi in me reminds me that is not who I am or who I want to be. Read more

Inviting the Moon: Restorative Yoga & Massage Sundays

The First Sunday of Every Month.
–Restorative yoga.
–Hands-on healing massage.
–Live sound healing.
–Guided meditation.

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Barback Yoga

Yoga for the service industry.

~Gentle movement to restore the body:
Tuesdays, 1-2:15pm,
starts 1/9/18

~Restorative Yoga & Massage to restore the spirit:
The last Monday of every month, 1-3pm
starts 1/29/18

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Feeling overwhelmed by the news? Me too.

The era of information technology has brought us a lot of wonderful luxuries. One of them being easy access to information; anything we want to know is available to us with the touch of a button. However, as with most things, too much of one thing can have its ill effects too. The news is rarely good. It feels like everyone is losing their minds—and perhaps they might be. The delivery of information is coated in drama and sensationalized fear-mongering. It is a challenge to find the balance between staying informed and feeling completely overwrought by the information being served.

The other day, after getting lost in a rabbit hole of current news events on-line and the debate of it on social media, I felt frustrated. With each passing article/conversation I read, I could feel my body compressing further to the weight of my emotions around all of the topics.

I recalled a radio interview I heard in late 2012 when the date signifying the end Mayan Calendar was nearing. The man being interviewed was a professor and discussing the myths and truths about the end of the calendar and what that meant for us. At the time there was a lot of hype that the end of the calendar meant the onset of an apocalypse of the world. The professor posited that perhaps it wasn’t the kind of apocalypse we are familiar with from movies, but a reckoning of consciousness. Read more

Gossip vs. Intentional Conversation

The other day I was having a conversation with a girlfriend of mine about the difference between gossip and having an intentional conversation with a trusted friend while seeking feedback about an issue with a third party.  This is what we discovered.

Gossip lacks integrity. If we look close enough we can uncover a deeper desire lying below the surface of gossip. When we look back at the times we engaged in gossip we discovered two aspects that seemed to surface the most: Read more

A Yoga for the People.

I love to see how Yoga has become such a big part of the greater community in our culture. People from all walks of life can be found in the studio today. I see Yoga mats strapped around the backs of people on every block. It’s not just here in San Francisco anymore; studios can be found in almost every town in America. It is referenced on TV, in ads, books, and magazines. It’s everywhere. What a dream!

But there is a shadow side to the community which I have noticed growing larger as Yoga reaches it’s tipping point. There is an infiltration of the media’s unrealistic images of Yoga that are seeping into the sight and minds of those of us who may not be paying close attention. These beautiful images plastered all over the studios, social media and the merchandise of extremely limber beings in poses that are almost impossible for the majority of us to achieve. Read more