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Barback Yoga

Barback Yoga is a gentle class specifically designed for anyone working physically demanding, customer-facing jobs that run the risk of repetitive stress injury or emotional burn-out.

No prior yoga experience is necessary.

Barback Yoga is a weekly gentle movement class: focusing on stretching and strengthening to release tension and tightness in the body, so you can move more freely throughout your day.


When: Tuesdays, 1-2:15pm
Where: Delta Mind Body Center,
                2014 10th Street, Sacramento, CA
How: Show up! Or pre-register to guarantee a spot
Option 1: $20 for drop-in
Option 2: $60 for a single month pass starting the 1st class of each month.*
                   Each one-month pass includes:
                    *a $5 discount per class, (total of four).
                   *a $10 discount on private massage appointments with therapist, Lauren Gotcher.
                    *a guaranteed spot for each week.
                    *a free bonus class during any month with five weeks on the calendar.
                    *a $5 discount on the Inviting the Moon restorative class if taken during the same month.

Cash and credit card are accepted.


E-mail for questions.

I didn’t start bartending until I was in my 30’s. It was a small, but popular bar.  I was the only one on staff during my shit, so I never had much time for breaks. My shifts lasted about 10 hours, sometimes longer. I worked multiple nights in a row. My days off were mainly spent in bed, sore from the night before, emotionally depleted from other humans.  It knocked me on my ass. I did that for 8 years.

Luckily, I already had a very strong and dedicated yoga practice, but the more intense flow classes weren’t appealing to me anymore. I was too damn tired. After standing and hustling all night and looking to another long night ahead of me, the last thing I wanted to do was exert more energy, but I knew that without any practice, my body wasn’t going to make it out damage free. This is when my approach to yoga became a lot more gentle. I explored different ways to move that would help reserve and restore energy while also addressing the aches and pains caused from the night before. I began to notice the recovery time my body needed after a string of shifts wasn’t nearly as long. I was in a better mood going to work–I was making more money–and I was actually open to hang out with people on my days off!

In Sacramento, most studios focus on the more active styles of yoga and only have classes in the morning or at night, which are times that don’t work well for us service industry folks. This is when I came up with the idea for Barback Yoga. I feel driven to help to my fellow service industry folks who experience what I did, so that you, too, can feel better in your body and continue living happily among the other people.

This class isn’t just for bartenders, it is for anyone working physically demanding, customer-facing jobs that run the risk of repetitive stress injury or emotional burn-out. This class will support you.

I hope you will join me.



I so enjoyed your class today and appreciate so much the invitation to take part. I’m excited to come again. Honestly–it was so healing for me and I was in a space afterwards to deal with some personal things on a very peaceful level I didn’t think was possible. I was very touched!! And your story about why you created it in the beginning really spoke to all of us. Can’t wait to bring my whole team in!

~Bartender, Sacramento, CA.

“You need to make time for this class! Especially if you are in the service industry. Catherine’s teaching will nourish and recharge your body. This restorative and gentle practice was perfect for my physically active body. I felt like I was giving myself a big hug. So excited for Sacramento service workers to have this opportunity. Lucky us! Thank you Catherine!”

~Massage Therapist, Sacramento, CA

“I arrived to my first Barback class with pain in my neck and shoulders, and I left without it, feeling like I’d just had a massage. What else is there to know? Well, Catherine is one of the most assured, skillful and authentic teachers you are likely to meet. You just can’t go wrong here.”

~Massage Therapist, Sacramento, CA

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