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Barback Yoga

As a bartender, I often experience the physical and emotional strain long shifts of service work can have on the body and the spirit. I am familiar with the throbbing from the bottom of my feet, the aching of my low back and the utter exhaustion from giving so much energy to so many people in one night.

As a yoga teacher, I know the healing power a consistent practice can have to restore the body from this type of work.

Barback Yoga is a gentle class specifically designed to support anyone working in professions with high physical demands and is accessible during times when most service workers are able to participate.

No prior yoga experience is necessary.

Barback Yoga offers two types of classes:

~A gentle weekly yoga class: focusing on stretching and strengthening to release tension and tightness in the body, so you can move more freely throughout your day.

~A monthly restorative class: This is all about relaxation. You will spend the entire class on the floor propped up in comfy reclined postures while massage therapists offer hands-on-healing massage. They will focus on specific areas affected by service work like the feet, legs and lower back.


When: Tuesdays, 1-2:15pm, starts 1/9/18
Where: Delta Mind Body Center,
                2014 10th Street, Sacramento, CA
How: Show up! Or pre-register to guarantee a spot
Option 1: $20 for drop-in
Option 2: $60 for a single month pass starting the 1st of each month.*
                   Each one-month pass includes:
                    *a $5 discount per class, (total of four).
                    *a guaranteed spot for each week.
                    *a free bonus class during any month with five weeks on the calendar.
                    *a $5 discount on the Monday Barback restorative class taken during the same month.


When: Last Monday of every month*, 1-3pm, starts 1/29/18
*Alternate dates due to holidays: 5/21 and 12/17
Where: Delta Mind Body Center
How: Pre-registration is required
Cost: $50
Monthly pass holders of the weekly class program are offered a $5 discount for this restorative class when attended within the same month.

Cash and credit card are accepted.


E-mail for questions.

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