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Workshop: Spirit of the Shadow: Seeing Through Blind-Spots

When I discovered the concept of “the shadow” back in college, it blew my mind wide open. It answered so many questions about who I am, what makes me tick, and what gets in my way. It has meant everything in my quest for true self-knowledge. It has given me access to a level of compassion and empathy that I would have never been able to know without it.

Sometimes when I bring it up in conversation people have this “deer-in-headlights” look on their face as if I am about to ask them to reveal the darkest parts of their being; but that is not how I see the shadow. I love and respect my shadow. It is where all of my power resides. Yes, it is often referred to as “the dark-side”, which gets misinterpreted as “bad” or “evil”. More accurately it relates to what has yet to be illuminated: our blind-spots. By understanding my Shadow I can see into my blind-spots with superhero-vision. 

I want you to have this superhero power, too. I want to live in a world where we all do. In that world, everyone is living their Truth. People are honest, present, intimate, compassionate, open, and at peace with themselves.

In February, I am teaming up with the soulful Kaci Florez to lead a workshop [at Ritual Yoga] called Spirit of the Shadow: Seeing Into Your Blind-Spots. In it we will use the shadow to illuminate our blind-spots. I would love for you to join us.

This workshop includes:

  • 3 intentionally small and intimate group gatherings
  • private coaching call ($100 value)
  • a self-knowledge tool that you can continue to practice and apply throughout your life

What can this work do for you?

Shadow-work (exploring our blind-spots) makes us:
more honest,
more intimate,
more forgiving,
more present,
more open to other people’s quirks and
MUCH MORE light-hearted about the parts of ourselves of which we are so critical.

A commitment to attend all three gatherings is requested.
Saturdays, February 16, 23 and March 9, 2019
1:00 – 3:00pm

What past attendees have said:

“DEEP and enlightening. It was another unlayering. When we live with shadow dragging behind us, it’s like we’re trying to drive a car with a muddy windshield and spotty transmission. The world is unclear, dirty. The more we are able to clean off that windshield and get a tune-up, the more we are able to have the adventure we’re meant to have. Apparently, the workshop got me all “metaphor-y.” The amazing thing about being able to speak the shadow out loud, to recognize it, to bring it into the light, is that it loses some of it’s power. We can be unconsciously driven by the mistaken idea that we are only the things we are willing to recognize and not the whole of ourselves. The more we can invite the light AND the dark, the hidden and the visible, the more whole we can become. Thank you for taking me one step closer to wholeness.” ~Holly Holt, Fair Oaks, CA 

“Catherine’s [Spirit of the Shadow] workshop changed how I move through the world. The tools I learned help me to navigate the triggers and stresses of life more effectively and with more positive results. This process gave me valuable insights into my relationships and led me to a greater sense of ease and flow. I recommend [Spirit of the Shadow] to anyone looking to understand themselves and others better.” ~Karen, San Francisco, CA

“I can’t thank you enough for our work together! By helping me observe my emotions and root out core beliefs I was finally able to see the suppressed side of myself. I feel so free!! I must admit I didn’t understand the shadow when we first started working together. But with your patience and knowledge you helped me embrace my complete self. I feel limitless and free! Thank you for being such an amazing coach!“ ~ Jamie, Los Angeles, CA

“Working with Catherine gave me a chance to discover and explore some aspects of myself that I don’t usually look at, in a safe space with other women who were doing the same. I think the most valuable aspect of the experience was leaving with a framework for how to approach this exploration that I could then go out and apply on my own–instead of just gaining the benefit of the experience in the moment, I feel like I actually gained a “tool” in my tool belt for how to approach novel situations.” ~ Carla, San Francisco, CA 

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