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An Invitation to Explore

Have you ever pulled into your driveway and realized you have absolutely no recollection of how you got there? You don’t remember any turns in the road or stop lights; you can’t recall a single pedestrian, car or building you passed or even the route you took to get there. Your mind was somewhere else and your body completed the motion and took you home safely. Thank God, but how unnerving!

How often do you find yourself doing that in other areas of your life? How engaged do you feel in your daily activities? Are you missing your life?

The less we miss, the more intelligent we become.  Intelligence is more than just a smarter brain, it is about greater connectedness–connection to the deeper, wiser parts of who we are: our own true nature, our physical body’s intuition, our conscious presence. This is what allows us, in turn, to really show up for the people and places that surround us. Intelligence comes from checking in and paying attention. By paying greater attention to the twists and turns in the road and our responses to them, we are able to engage in ways that will allow us to feel more fulfilled and satisfied with our lives.

So, how do you do that?

A little focused guidance is all that is needed. Let me be that resource for you. All of my offerings are designed to support your personal growth and expression by helping you tune-in and be present.

  • My writings will inspire you to ask the deeper questions.
  • As your coach I will help you uncover the stories that keep you locked in a limiting mindset.
  • Through my Yoga teachings you will become wiser to the trickery of the mind and find a more playful and healing relationship with your body.
  • All of my offerings are virtual and can be taken from anywhere in the world!

These are opportunities to get to know all the roadways of your life –  a call to ask deeper questions and become more purposeful – so you do not find yourself pulling into the final destination of your life unable to remember the details of the roads you took to get there.

I invite you to explore.

Be Well,

~ Catherine la O’
Founder, Liminal Space Coaching & Yoga